Healthier treats

Reduce the calories, not the flavour!

Healthier treats

Reduce the carbs, not the flavour!

Guilt free bites chef

About us

Guilt free bites is an inclusive bakery, Dublin based, offering sweets made from natural and lower carbs ingredients (with exception of vegan options) directly to you. Every recipe is carefully created to ensure that the taste, texture and presentation are with excellent standard.


Guilt free bites was created by a passionate pastry chef that decided to follow her dream in building her own bakery. It was born during the first lockdown in order to provide lighter options for people, as there was a lot more demand for snacks during this time. Our objective is to make delicious food into a fit and low carb options. We aim to control the carbs, not to take out the flavour. We select mostly local ingredients very carefully to ensure the best quality as possible. 


The Guilt free bites family, not only prioritise the quality of products used in the recipes but we are also concerned about our packaging:

About the products

Our tasty products are good for gluten-sensitive people, we use 100% gluten-free flour with also low glycemic index (with vegan exceptions). They are all refined sugar-free and the only two ways of sweeten it are with Xylitol and Demerara sugar. Our source of fat is coconut oil or. We select our ingredient very carefully to ensure the best taste. Fruits can change seasonally. We pride ourselves on the freshness of our products!

Most of our recipes are dairy-free but you can also find options using Lactose free milk.

We have vegan friendly products, diabetic friendly products and kids friendly products. 


Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about our products and to order your Guilt Free Bites